Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Do you like beer?

Do any of you guys like beer? I'm not asking if you like IPAs or Stouts. I said beer. It just seems that most people will say they like beer, but when you talk to them further they really only like a few different kinds of beer. Not only do I see people on this forum bashing the american light beers, but also the premium mass produced beer (Blue Moon, Amber Bock, Killian's, etc). Then there seems to be homebrewer's who have a very narrow style of beer that they like (IPAs, Stouts, etc.) It seems to me a little misleading to say you like beer, when really you can't stand 99% of the beer produced. It would be more correct to say you don't like beer or more better, that you don't like most beer, but there are certain kinds you like. Imagine if someone said they liked pie, but didn't like cherry, banna cream, coconut cream, strawberry, blueberry, punkin, or peanut butter. You then ask what kind of pie do you like? And they say that the like Apple pie, but only the way Grandma makes it. If that's the only pie you like, I wouldn't say you like pie, I'd say you like apple pie when Grandma makes it.

The funny thing is that it's not just people who like the craft beers, who are picky, but even the light beer drinkers. I spoke with someone a couple of nights ago that liked Coors light, but not Miller lite. As if it makes a huge difference.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I like beer. I can't think of a beer I wont drink. If I'm at someone's house and they offer me a Miller lite, I'll drink it and like it. I like Miller lite less then some of the more specialty beers, but I can enjoy drinking one. My favorite part about drinking Miller Lite is that since I never buy it, if I'm drinking one it's free.

There are also the mass produced premium beers (Killian's, Amber Bock, Blue Moon.) This I enjoy a lot, and I'll even spend money to buy them.

There are some more specialty and mircro brews that I like as well: Three Philosophers, Magic Hat #9, Fransacaner, Chimay, Two Hearted IPA, DogFish head.

I like many different styles of beer: stouts, IPAs, Weizen, Bock, Porter, Pilsner, etc. I can't think of a style or class of beer I don't like.

I don't think my love for beer makes me undiscerning. I still think that some beers are better then other. Depending on my mood I may prefer one style of beer over another.

How about you do you like beer?