Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just finished putting together the Pinot Noir

bought Vinters Reserve has a new California Pinot Noir. I got it from my local brew store a couple of weeks ago. I had some time tonight so I put it together and took some pictures of the process.

This is just a picture of the box and the empty fermenter.

This is me pouring in the juice. At this point, I'm not very happy. I realized I made a big mistake. See that green curtain beneath the counter. I was suppose to remove that before starting. I didn't remember until after I spilled the grape juice on it. My wife made it herself and she not going to be happy. I'm trying my best to get the stains out.

Notice how the curtain is gone in this photo. I'm just rinsing out the juice bag.

I got a OG of 1.084 @ 24 C. I know some people will cringe at this, but I poured the juice back in the fermenter. I sanitized the cylinder and the hydrometer. I know some people don't recommend this. But that cylinder holds almost a glass of wine. A couple of hydrometer checks and I'm out a half bottle.

Now I just have to wait for the yeast to do there thing.

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