Thursday, March 19, 2009

What have we made so far?

I just thought I'd post a list of the stuff we've made so far.

Cooper's lager
Raspberry Wheat
Westmalle clone
Cooper's IPA
Irish Stout
C-4 (My own recipe)
Wheat (with coriander and orange peel)
Blackberry Wheat
European lager
John Bull's Dark
Another Raspberry Wheat
Magic Hat #9 Clone

I think our favorites have been the fruit wheats and the bocks.


Blueberry wine
Australian Shiraz
Blackberry wine
Pinot Noir

The blueberry wine is the only one that's ready to drink and it's pretty good. We'll see what our favorite is.


  1. Hey Brian,

    Can you share your wheat beer recipe. I imagined it's somewhat of a Blue Moon Clone? I'm a big fan of Blue Moon and like to brew one soon.

  2. jbolt,

    I'm glad you asked. I was going for a blue moon style beer, but it didn't come out right. Here's what I did:
    1 Can Coopers Wheat
    1 Can wheat malt extract.
    1 oz coriander
    1 oz sweat orange peel

    I boiled the coriander and orange peel in a grain bag. Then I added the solution to my batch.

    I tasted it side by side with a blue moon. The coriander was way too strong and the orange was too weak. So if I do it again, I use less coriander and more orange peel.

  3. I'm in the middle of brewing a Black Rock Whispering Wheat with Munton's Wheat Spraymalt. I didn't use coriander and orange peel at the beginning but I'm thinking to add to the secondary. Wish me luck!

  4. Thanks Brian - What do you think 1/2 oz coriander 2 oz of orange peel?

    I brewed the Coopers Malt and I was kinda disappointed, I'm thinking because of the dextrose I used instead of another can of wheat extract. Was the flavor good besides the orange and coriander?


  5. Cooper's Wheat, not Malt. oops

  6. 1/2 oz coriander and 2oz of orange peel sounds good, but you wont know until you try. I usually use 1 can of Cooper's Wheat and a 4lb can of Alexander's wheat malt (unhoped).